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Parker Family History
The Parker Family History was originally published by Daniel Parker in 1952. The pages of mutual interest to the Morrison and Parker families stem from the marriage of two Parker sisters,  Elizabeth and Jane to two Morrison brothers, William and James at a double wedding March 18th, 1857.

When the book was originally published it sold for $2.00.  It is currently very hard to get one's hands on a copy of the original publication.

I have copies of the original pages that relate to the Morrison family.  The copies show their age and would occupy too much web space to make available here.

The pages listed below are being revised by Alan Ross Parker with the intention of publishing an updated Parker Family History in the near future.

Please feel free to review these pages if you are looking for information.

If these pages relate to you and you are able to contribute any updates or additional information please feel free to send it to me.  I will arrange to pass it along to the Parkers.

The documents are in groups of 5 pages and are in Adobe (Acrobat) PDF format and are about 50K each.

The table list those names mentioned on each page to help find the information you are interested in.  Those individuals most directly related to our line of the Morrison Clan are shown in a slightly different red colour.

Pg EP 51 to 55 Page EP 51
Edward Parker
Henry Morrison
Elizabeth Parker
William Morrison
James Morrison
Jane Parker
Page EP 52
Margaret Elizabeth Rathwell
Harold Gordon
Gerald Gordon
Lois Gordon
Samuel Leonard Rathwell
Ivan Morrison Rathwell
Owen Leonard Rathwell
Leona Jean Rathwell
Keith Allan Rathwell
Carol Jane Rathwell
Darryl GradeRathwell
Wayne Williams Rathwell
William John Morrison
Page EP 53
William John Morrison Jr.
Helena S (Lena) Morrison
Isabella Morrison
Nathaniel William Boyd
Garth Steward Morrin Boyd
Diana Lee Boyd
Victoria Leigh McMahon
John Christopher McMahon
Laurie Ann Boyd
Ross Nathaniel Boyd
John Douglas Boyd
John Gregory Boyd
Page EP 54
Melvin Stewart Boyd
Eunice Heather Boyd
Ronald Melvin Boyd
Dennis William Boyd
Jennifer Debra Boyd
Barry Russell Boyd
Courtney Maria Boyd
Matthew Peter Boyd
Shirley Ruth Boyd
Sarah Ashley Jackson
Glenn Robert Boyd
Jamie Glenn Boyd
Kelsey Amy Boyd
Kenneth Sydney Boyd
Melissa Eunice Boyd
Marjorie Lynne Boyd
Page EP 55
Michael Kenneth Boyd
Edward Morrison
Grade Isabel Morrison
Margaret Kathleen Morrison
Edward Andrew Morrison
William Douglas Morrison
Sarah Morrison
James Morrison
Ethel Morrison
Shirley Ruth Hay
Eleanor Elizabeth Hay
Ruth Isabel Morrison
 Pg EP 56 to 60 Page EP 56
Janet Isabel Morrison
Marjorie Joan Hay
Bruce Gordon Hay
James Angus Hay
Bessie Victoria Morrison
James Robert McConnachie
W. Stanely Morrison
James Richard Morrison
Anne Elisabeth Morrison
Gertrude Mary Morrison
Dianne Carlton
Joseph Morrison
Richard Morrison
Page EP 57
Jane Parker /
James Morrison
Page EP 58
Jane Parker
Page EP 59
Edward Morrison
Page EP 60
Mary Jane Morrison
Edna Catherine Johnson
Myrtle ann Johnson
Albert George Johnson
Alexina Isabelle Morrison
James Edward Morrow
William George Morrow
William George Morrow Jr.
 Page EP 61 to 65 Page EP61
Bonnie Lou Morrow
Glenda Loreen Morrow
Mary Isabelle Morrow
Normal Edward Morrow
Kenneth Richard Morrow
Elizabeth Edelene Morrison
Ruby Jessie Winnifred Morrison
Oliver Henrietta Brady
Marolyn Maxine McKillop
Denise Winnifred McKillop
alma Winnifred Brady
Heather Louise McLeod
Elizabeth Ann Mcleod
Catherine Elizabeth Brady
Ross Ivan Golden
Edward Wynne Golden
Sarah Ann Morrison
Page EP 62
Helen Louise Brady
Constance Louise Phenix
Edward Joseph Brady
Shereen Anne Brady
Esther Ann Brady
Henry Morrison
Robert Henry Morrison
Eva Charlotte Kathleen Morrison
Donald RobertCooke
Page EP 63
Eileen Morrison
Allison Roberta Morrison
Raymond Wayne Langille
Geraldine Florence Morrison
Kenneth Robert Morrison
Randy Kenneth Morrison
Isabelle Mary Morrison
James Morrison
Walter Edmund Morrison
Norman Morrison
Melvin Morrison
Evelyn Morrison
Judith Agnes Patterson
Marjorie Doris Morrison
Heather Doris Mason
Burke Sidney Mason
Page EP 64
Archibald Creswell Morrison
Hilda Isabella Morrison
Berniece Morrison
Merinda Jame Morrison
Page EP 65
Arthur Edward Morrison
Ruth M. Morrison
Bonnie Joan Grant
Leslie Arthur Morrison
Marion R. Morrison
Verda Irene Morrison
Sharron Lynn Morrow
Randall Bruce Morrow
Gwenyth Morrison
Joyce A. Morrison
Mildred F. Morrison
Alice Isabelle Morrison
 Pg EP 66 to 70 Page EP 66
Elva Marjorie Bale
Wilfred Jones Morrison
Una Doris Morrison
Dianne Irene Copeland
Linda Lewena Copeland
Colin William Copeland
Page EP 67
Keith Amos Morrison
Karen Lee Morrison
Barrie Keith Morrison
Lois Anita Morrison
Audrey Helena Morrison
Edith Elizabeth Morrison
Mary Margaret Morrison
William Brown
Mary Morrison Brown
Violet Evelyn Morrison
Wilma Evelyn Morrison
Page EP 68
James Alvin Brown
Merrill Alva Brown
Janice Brown
Isabella Morrison
Thomas Morrison
Eva Gertrude Morrison
Grade Lila Morrison
Thomas Leonard Morrison
Anne Morrison
Harvey Morrison
Janice Morrison
Gordon Ernest Morrison
Doreen Morrison
Page EP 69
Loran Morrison
Mary Jane Morrison
Mabel Louisa Tomalty
Gordon Edwin Jones
Page EP 70
Richard Nelson Jones
Carol Louise Jones
Ruth Emaline Jones
David Nelson Doubleday
William Fredrick Doubleday
Mary Elizabeth Jones
Anna Louise Thomes
Donna Jean Thomes
gladys Jane Tomalty
 Pg EP 71 to 74 Page EP 71
Gordon Robert Tomalty
Norma Elenor Tomalty
Alvin Morrison Dixon Tomalty
Francis Gladys Tomalty
Alma Margaret Tomalty
Robert George Creswell
Page EP 72
Carol Alice Creswell
Gertrude Mary Tomalty
Linton Robert Tomalty
Elinor Mary Tomalty
Elizabeth Morrison
Ruby Morrison
Ruth Emily Jones
Page EP 73
Oliver Knight Jones
Samuel Emmerson Jones
Sarah Morrison
Fanny Morrison
Merinda Morrison
Rachel Morrison
James Morrison Jr.
Page EP 74

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